Space Resource Beneficiation & Exo-agriculture systems

Resource Processing

We are developing systems for beneficiation of raw materials to enable agriculture, construction and production in space.

Transporting materials from Earth into space has a high cost, and to enable future missions and settlements in space resources already in space should be utilized when possible.

To use resources that already exist in space, new technologies for comminution, screening, sorting and separation will have to be developed.


Agriculture Systems

We are researching the use of lunar regolith for plant nutrients in space agriculture.

Growing plants for food and oxygen in space will be critical for future long-term missions to the moon.

Many valuable plant nutrients already exist in lunar regolith, and we are developing systems for extracting these nutrients to use for hydroponic agriculture.

In addition we have developed our own 3d-printed hydroponic growth systems.



Solsys Mining was started in 2018 by founders that have experience from the terrestrial mining sector and the space industry.

We are developing beneficiation tools and systems that can be used in space to enable in-situ resource utilization.

Terrestrial mining processes such as extracting, crushing, screening, grinding, flotation, clarifying and filtering is made possible by Earth's gravity and atmosphere. These processes are unfit for the environment in space in their current form and will be required to enable construction, production and agriculture in space.

Beneficiation systems used in space will require significant adaptations compared to similar systems on earth due to: reduced gravity, lack of atmosphere, radiation, temperature extremes, size and weight constraints, mechanical durability and regolith uncertainties (including composition, size and electrostatic effects).

Beneficiation systems in space need to be gravity independent, dry, highly energy efficient, compact, and use little to no water.

Solsys Mining is located in Oslo, Norway.

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Ethel Tolentino

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Øystein Risan Borgersen

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Satinder Shergill

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